About Us


ramaini.org is an Internet matrimonial / match making website dedicated to help you in finding your soul mate. We are eager to help you find happiness. Marriage is deemed as a sacred ritual in India ever since the ancient times. India has an age-old tradition of arranged marriages. This custom of marriage has been flowing down to the successive generations from time immemorial and is also popular in this cyber age. The cyber world has cast a profound influence on our lives. Now-a-days eligible bachelors or spinsters can meet each other in this virtual world. If you are skeptical about the person you're interested in, use the mail or chat service and get to know each other better.ramaini.org has the following unique value proposition to its members.

  • Authentic Profiles: Profiles will be validated with ID Proof and Non Verified Profiles are marked separately.
  • Security of Profiles : Unique Login Search protects your personal profile from unauthorized access. The search is restricted to DISCIPLES OF SANT RAMPAL JI MAHRAJ only to protect users from intrusion of their privacy by non serious user.
  • Privacy:We treat your privacy with great importance care is taken to protect your personal information from access by unauthorized users.
  • MatchMaking:Personalized Match Making Service to all during the service period.
  • Unique Tags: Create your own tags to search partners will closer interest. privacy and great customer experience to everyone of its members to find their life partner, through constant technological, service, and business innovation. A lot of effort is put into answering member queries. However the large amount of mail being presently received prevents instant response. Our current backlog is at 24 to 48 hours.